Once we got going...

It's been a whirlwind. Liv and I spent a lot of time last week just prepping paint. The carpenters, on the other hand, took out a closet and built a door from the living room to the master bedroom. The door will be wide enough for a wheel chair to go through if needed. Because Mom was confined to a wheel chair in the six weeks of her life, we want to make sure that the house is handicap accessible. When mobility goes, it can go really quickly, as we learned. I just made sense to dad and me to make sure the house was accessible before he moved in.


The rest of us worked on prepping the house for flooring. The carpet has to be out of the rooms where we are having the flooring replaced. Also, anything we intend to do to the walls has to be done. Dad painted his office a beautiful butter yellow. Saturday, we had a painting party. 

We have some family friends who have had rental property, so they have done a lot of construction. Liv and I were there and my brother and a cousin. We all worked pretty much all day. The carpet is out of the bedroom and the hallway. They door is cut from the living room into the master bedroom. The wall paper is out of the living room. Liv and I painted the entry hall, kitchen, breakfast nook.



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