Chalk Paint Makeover

I picked up this dresser at the flea market that supports our local Catholic school. While my kids don't attend, and I am not Catholic, my son-in-law is an alumnus and I think it is a good cause. Anyway, I shop there a lot and find lots of goodies that I use in my home. This dresser is the perfect size and shape for my guest room. Unfortunately, the finish was shot and the drawer fronts and top are made from laminate. Nasty, chipped laminate. 

I thought about finding some gripping, stain-blocking primer, but then I heard about chalk paint. We don't have a place in town that sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and I didn't feel like driving to Little Rock to buy paint that is over $30 a quart, so I talked to my sister in law, who sells restyled furniture in her shop, Dog and Butterfly in Portland, TN. She uses chalk paint, but makes her own with plaster of paris and latex paint. 

I applied three coats of chalk paint to finally cover the dark "wood," but the texture was so rough. Not only did it look "handpainted" it looked like a old house painted with lead-based paint, over old paint. So I took some 60 grit sandpaper and sanded it smooth-ish. Of course, this exposed some of the edges. Then I took some sanding sealer and dabbed it on those areas. After it dried, I poured some latex paint into a tray with Floetrol, and painted a coat with a foam roller. After that dried, I put a coat on just the exposed edges. I'll go ahead and put one more full coat on, then seal it with polyurethane. I'll post after pictures when I get it all dry. 



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