1959 American Standard bathroom, originally uploaded by 50s Pam.

I love this bathroom. I love everything about this bathroom, in fact. I even love the colors, even though I have never used them.

Flickr Goodness

I am loving the Shabby/Vintage Chic pool on Flikr.

I found this, and this, and this (see the suitcase as an accessory?),and this spice rack.

I also like this before and after refinished buffet.

This is an awesome kitchen.

I love this fabric storage idea!

I thought this was a framed fragment of quilt, but instead it is a mirror propped on a quilt. I think I liked it better, though, as a fragment. I have a couple of quilts that I've picked up at yard sales that have seen better days that have bits of them that could be salvaged.


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