Chalk Paint

I am dying to get a chance to try chalk paint. I've done some work on one of the bedrooms, and should post pictures, but probably won't.

Anyway, my sister and law gave me the recipe that she uses for chalk paint:
1 cup water based paint
1/4 cup plaster of Pairs with a little HOT water mixed in

Back to work...

We've started working on the house again. It kind of started when the hot water heater started leaking. All under my Pergo flooring in my hallway and carpet in my living room. Of course, it molded. Then I got pneumonia, which, for me, is almost always triggered by allergies. So Todd took up the Pergo and cut out the moldiest part of the carpet. That was wonderful of him. However, there was then a huge swath of cement floor exposed in all its nastiness. The cement had drywall compound on it as well as other surface irregularities. We almost stained it anyway, but ultimately, having to move out of our house for the three days it would take to stain and seal the concrete was more than we felt that we could handle.

We ended up buying light duty commercial flooring from Sam's Club. It is really thick, so it doesn't feel as "clicky" as some laminate. Obviously, it is not hard wood, but we are pretty pleased with it. We still need to finish up the trim and the thresholds, but we're really pleased with how things have turned out.

I've decided that we need to paint a couple of room. Our bedroom, for one. It is a pumpkin orange color, and is depressing. I'd like to paint it something lighter, like Purple Lace.

Also, I want to paint the bedroom that my son had before he moved out. It is a really dark brown with patches in the wall because our son is not exactly careful. But even if the paint were in perfect shape, the dark brown kind of makes it feel like a cave. I am thinking about a light teal or pale green for that room. Maybe one like this? Or I could take the coward's way out and paint it Montgomery White like we did our youngest daughter's room. Regardless of what color I paint it, I'd like to turn it into a craft room. To that end, I've been collecting images on Pinterest to inspire me.


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