Creeping, Seeping Sewage

We were just perking along, working our little fingers to the bone, when the toilet started backing up. I went to ACE to pick up a plunger. I'll spare you the details, but the plunger was, shall we say, inadequate.

Through mysterious diagnostics and something that attached to a hose, it was determined that the sewer line was stopped up. I wanted to go to Home Depot and rent a clean out auger, but I was voted down. Instead, my son in law went looking for the cleanout outside. Instead, he found a puddle in the yard. A yucky, sewage-y puddle. He and my brother and my dad and our friend Pete dug around to try to find the cleanout. Turns out, there was no cleanout. Instead, there is a hole in the sewer pipe. This hole is obviously not a new hole, as there was a piece of plastic covering it.

Did I mention that this is Labor Day Weekend? No plumber is going to come out on a holiday weekend for less than a bazillion dollars. They worked on this clog for hours, and seem to have cleaned it enough to use. (A house with no working toilet is never a fun place to be, but even less so with children. There were various public restrooms within a short drive that were utilized.)

Oh, did I mention that "clear enough to use" means clear enough to use without toilet paper? Yeah. That is supposed to go in the trash can for the time being. I'm not a fan.

On the bright side, a plumber will be called next week to put in a clean out, since there is already a hole.

Also, today, Pete did some texturing. Olivia put second a second coat of paint on some walls.

I whined because my head hurts. At the very least, I have a miserable cold. My head hurts, my ears hurt, my throat hurts and my nose is stuffy.

Oh, Pete also fixed the hole in the wall where the bulkhead used to be in the master bath. And he taped and mudded it.

Tomorrow, there will be more texturing, I'm sure. Then a whole lot of waiting for the texture to dry. Waiting is not my favorite thing.

Floors are coming in next week. Then, hopefully, wifi. I can only hang out so long at a place without it.



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