Craft Room

In the process of trying to renovate/decorate our home, I need to be able to do things like paint and upholster.

My sewing machines (just a regular machine and a serger)have been in the great room, which is not a great look, to tell the truth. Close by, just through the double doors, though, lies a sunroom. A sunroom that my husband had told me was not going to be a "dump" for my scrapbooking and sewing. Instead, it was going to be where he and the kids watched tv made art projects. And, I put cable in our bedroom, and he never went in there again.

So our seven year old daughter took over. And completely trashed the place.

So, now, a year later, we (he and I) are going to share the space. He'll take part for art, and I'll take part for sewing and scrapbooking.

Now, though, we need to do something with it. It is half painted, with remnants of former leaks peeling off some drywall paper. It has windows everywhere, eating up most of the wall space. There is no closet, no storage.

I need ideas. I'll post some links a pictures here, and then maybe I'll make a decision. Perhaps that is a bit ambitious... Maybe I'll at least pick a paint color.

Home Office Gets Budget Makeover For $1000, a woman made over her space, adding lots of storage. Includes budget breakdown.

Also found a redo your kitchen on a budget article, that might work when I move on to another room...

Better Homes and Gardens Quick and Easy Decorating Projects

This is a great laundry/sewing room from Flikr. There is a lot of stuff packed into this room, I'll admit. But it is relatively neat and completely accessible. I could live with this level of clutter, I think, in the sunroom.

I love how this seamstress stores notions in jars, simply lined up on shelves.

And sewing supplies hung up on a pegboard. Although, I like this peg board better. Or here is another, with a thread holder attached.

This room has an ironing station on top of a credenza in the middle of the room. With drawers.

And, this one is a metal shelf from Lowe's, all kitted out.

Metal drawers from the Container Store (Lowe's has similar, for less), but overall a bit fussy for my tastes

This one is just beautiful.

And so what did I learn from this little Flickr adventure? All furniture goes together if it is painted white. Walls need color. I just need to pick one and go with it. Hanging stuff on the walls is a good way to get it off the floor and out of a drawer. And might help me use it more often.

Oh, and even really utilitarian stuff looks pretty okay.



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